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As DesertHorses explained, coat color really happens from the inside out, and no shampoo will correct diet deficiencies and turn a faded brown coat into a rich black. Sun fading is also a huge factor here in Texas, particularly if sweat is left on a horse, which results in a bleaching effect. That being said, there are products effective at enhancing coat color. Shapley’s Equitone color shampoos are great for producing richer color, depth and radiance, and the effect increases with use. Triple J Honey Lustre shampoo is also great at intensifying dark coats. For a whitening shampoo, I have been most pleased with the results from Xtreme Showhite shampoo. I have a paint and an Appy that I use this product on frequently. It leaves their white hair dazzling and their chestnut markings gleaming. It’s gentle and highly concentrated so a little goes a long way. For a dry shampoo for touch-ups at shows and in winter, I use Lucky Braids Whitener and Touch Up Spray.

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