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Poor guy! I’ve been through this with mine, being laid up to heal is certainly no fun! First I eliminated grain from their diet, since they were not expending the calories, and they certainly didn’t need the excess energy! I used a slow feeder hay net with small holes to keep them busy and to extend their hay and made sure to refill it so they always had something to munch on. I tried a variety of stall toys but neither of them would touch them, so instead I gave them a babysitter horse as a buddy. That isn’t always an option for everyone, BUT it made the biggest difference. They were calm and content as long as they had a buddy with them. Also, I have access to panels so was able to create a small stall-sized turnout pen outside the barn area for my mare. This made her very happy as well, as she felt in the middle of everything. And if your vet oks it, and you feel you can safely manage to keep him from hurting himself, a little hand grazing may help. Lastly, I never had to resort to calming supplements, but I do believe that a horse on forced stall rest that will not settle down is a candidate for them. You can look into that as well. Hope he makes a quick recovery!

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