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If you KNOW his slow way of going is NOT laziness, perhaps re-evaluate your fitness/conditioning programme before drilling him for more of what he doesn’t yet have to give. Young horses frequently have growth and development spurts that can be exhausting for them from the broad spectrum energy demand of such. They can get pretty achy all over, too, from same. Re-evaluate his diet as well, making sure to cover all the nutrient needs for growth, development, and the energy needed to just get thru a busy growing and active day. If still sluggish, chat with your vet, anemia, among other things, can present as lazy/fatigued. If an option, might chat with the breeder, too, could be just his genetic propensity to be casual, some breeds/lines/horses are.

I am techno-maroon in every way and am not seeing a pic or link to your boy, sorry!

Good luck with this, and stay safe : )

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