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I use pressure type spurs and yes they work well. It is a transition as your leg will need to quiet down.

No laughing, way back when I wore spurs because everyone did, except for when I started my young mare. Got dumped a few times then one day had my spurs on she went to buck, I clamped my legs around her startled the heck out of her so she hopped but didn’t buck, a few more times of that and if I wore spurs she didn’t buck. Then I got out of the habit of wearing them.

Part of the reason I went back to spurs was to help with knee problems,
so I got the kind bumper kind that are to the inside. You want ones that fit your leg well so you can easily use your calf with out touching the spur to the horse. You still do soft calf cues, with the occasional hey listen to me.

It takes training yourself and your horse to ride with them.