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Oh gosh, I am going through stuff with my guy and he had his stifle joints injected back in October. I have an appt at large equine clinic to see sports medicine and orthopedic vet on 3/31- in hindsight, I wish I’d done this right away to save myself time and $$.

Stifles are hocks are hard to differentiate. How was your horse diagnosed with a stifle issue? Were x-rays taken, or was it flexion tests and palpation? In retrosepct, I wish I would’ve had x-rays done. The plan your vet gave so far sounds harmless and quite conservative. There is a great article in Equus Magazine’s April issue that discusses stifle injuries. Injections can help, but honestly, the results are not usually dramatic like with hock injections. Stifle injuries are hard to treat and hard to get the horse back 100%. If you have it done, I would have it done by a good sports med vet who specializes in lamesess issues. Other things you can try prior to actually injecting the joint itself would be Adequan, Legend IV or Pentosan.

I am not sure if my boy’s issue is hock, stifle or low back, but I will know soon enough and lots of $$$ later! Wishing you good luck with your girl.

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