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Supracor makes a dressage saddle pad that you might consider if you want to have superior shock absorption without movement, weight, and heat. I ride for endurance and use a supracor pad – it’s the stuff used in the space shuttles and also in medical applications. I can testify to the fact that it will diminish heat and is unsurpassed in shock absorption (the Stimulite Honeycomb is patented) – very comfortable for the horse. They’re easy to clean (I use a hose or a damp cloth). But they aren’t easy to find. Dover Saddlery has a half pad that is 1/2″. Or you may have to order from Supracor directly as I have done in the past. I also have found them at websites specializing in endurance riding. If it works great for my sport for long and difficult hacks, it might work well for you. They also last forever. It’s called the Dressage Cool Grip Pad; the only downside, it’s expensive, but worth every penny. Any dressage riders out there who’ve tried it?

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