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Hi Appyd, I’ve used at least one of my Supracor pads for well over five years of heavy trail riding and it’s still as good as new. Supracor was developed for NASA for use in the space shuttle for the comfort and safety of the astronauts. It’s also used in padding for wheel chairs and therapeutic devices because it does not wear out nor have weak spots. If you squeeze it between fingers and release, it does not delay like memory foam, it reflexes immediately. Nor does it bunch up like memory foam and it doesn’t crease. It’s like a honeycomb inside. It doesn’t soak up water – you can hose it off and in a few hours use it again. It’s like an ‘air packet’ between me and my horse that flexes as the horse moves. It was a genius move on Supracor’s part to make horse pads with it, but there are many many other uses.

I like the Cool Grip because it stays in place (I can ride steep grades without a martingale), keeps my horse’s top line cool in our Southern summers, no hotspots, no sore spots, and it’s light weight which makes it ideal for keeping my horse comfortable for long rides. I put the suggestion out there because I know the product and recommend it for the concerns you expressed in your original post. I don’t know about the other brands you are considering but I hope you find the perfect one to suit your needs – it makes a big difference! Good luck.

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