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Hi Dakotasmom,

I think we have a similar predicament. I always had problems with helmets either being too tight and digging in to my forehead front to back, but usually there was a gap along my temples that still allowed the helmet to shift. I also have a good amount of curly hair which doesn’t do well tucked up into my helmet. Here’s what I’m riding in – hopefully this helps!

I am an eventer, so, I school in a Tipperary Sportage which is nice and light/airy, and I can leave my hair in a low ponytail even with the more-coverage back on the helmet. I also run cross country and school in a Tipperary Titan (the skull cap) which I really like. My dressage show helmet is a Charles Owen JR8. I bought it snug and have the straps adjusted so I can put a pony tail in a few different places or even between the crossing straps at the back. I bought a pretty show bow bun cover that matches my dressage coat to wear when I’m showing, as well.

Many of the riders in my area seem to have a lot of long hair and many of them wear show bows, so I felt this was a relatively fashionable choice. I didn’t want to buy a helmet that was too big to accommodate my hair – plus any length changes or having a straight hair day would mess with the fit. I like my helmets to be snug and not move around when landing off fences or riding a hard stop. Good luck helmet shopping!

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