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Reply To: OTTB on stall rest!! HELP!

peteandsam peteandsam
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Booooo stall rest :( my horse just came off 4.5 months, so i feel your pain. Is it warm where you are? if it is, grass is going to be a lifesaver. My horse was out of his mind hand walking, so we spent a lot of time outside hand grazing. he was calmer this way. My horse’s favorite toy was a milk carton with some grain in it hanging in his stall. I put it close to his feed bin so he figured out how to get the bits of grain to fall into the bucket instead of onto the floor. I also used the time to teach him how to do some carrot stretches and how to “smile.” anything that made him use his brain helped. And honestly, dont be afraid to use drugs. My horse was super quiet and level headed, but on stall rest he was borderline dangerous and had panic attacks in his stall. we put him on reserpine and he was much happier. good luck :)

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