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Thanks so much! Those are exactly the types of advice and tips I need. It sounds like you have been where I am! I have already hung a version of the milk jug over his corner grain feeder to bop around for plain oats. I tried some hand grazing, but he wasn’t that keen. I have had him less than 1 week, so the great suburban outdoors is still sooooo scaaaaary. Hand walking on garbage day was fun. The walking is getting better, and I hope he continues to wind down. Your advice about drugs or calming supplements is also good. I’ve had abused horses in the past, and once I got them on some calming supplements it really helped, and for such a big green horse, safety is totally a priority. I have fears of him starting weaving or cribbing to deal with anxiety. I have a cribber, so that is not a deal breaker for me, but if I can prevent it, I would be much happier. Thanks again for your tips and advice.