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I have a 30 year old mare whose choke situation seems very similar. I have trouble with her weight as she can barely chew hay. Wetting her grain didn’t help either because she refuses to eat any soaked grain. I struggled with different grains and have settled on a mixture of Blue Seal Sentinal senior(higher protein)/performance (higher fat). She has yet to choke on either of these grains(purchased from tractor supply). They have large almost dog food sized nuggets. I grain her with a tub on the ground instead of a bucket or corner feeder. I spread her grain amount over a half hour giving roughly 1 cup at a time every 5 minutes or so. I also keep a Kent feeds equine choice turnout tub in her stall also from tractor supply. It’s basically a dense grain lick with vitamins and minerals meant to supplement horses turned out 24/7. I give her access to it while she is inside overnight so the other horses can’t push her away from it outside. She can’t choke on it because she can’t get enough of it loose at a time. I agree with others who suggested getting the vet/dentist. Also try different dentists. I purchased a horse that had regular dental care and my dentist worked on him and said his back teeth were so sharp he cut his own finger on them. All dentists are NOT equal!!

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