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I have had great luck with beet pulp. I have a 7 y.o. QH gelding that is N/H for HYPP and is a hard keeper. Because I live in the desert where pasture is non-existent and grass hay is unreliable, I have him on meds so I can better manage his diet with the alfalfa hay that is readily available in my area without the concerns for the higher potassium content. However, the meds are a diuretic so I feel like it depletes him of some essential nutrients. Before, we struggled with a dull hair coat. Besides the weight gain, the beep pulp has a high fat content so the condition of his hair coat has improved dramatically as well. He is now shiny and chunky and happy. I also love it because it is all cool calories that don’t add anything that I have to regulate or worry about. I can give him as much as I want. Added bonus? It’s cheap!