Reply To: What’s your favorite hoof dressing?

Joan Fry
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I love it that people are seriously debating topics like the benefits of coconut oil by citing their source of information! We need more of that. Which kind of invalidates my next point, since I have no scientific reason for choosing this product except that it works on MY PARTICULAR HORSE. Like David, I used Fiebing hoof dressing when necessary. My horse and I live in the California high desert. Until this winter it was very, very dry, and it’s been very, very dry for years. I wanted my mare to go barefoot, if she could, and I was afraid that she might be developing contracted heels in her club foot in front. In spite of the dry environment she also had a thrush problem. I worked with my vet and my farrier to keep her feet healthy, which now means Thrush Buster once a week and Joint Combo for the biotene it contains. (It’s in the tack room and I’m not, so I can’t check spelling.) She’s healthy and her feet are in great shape, although I can’t claim they’re shiny!