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Thank you SO much for getting back to me! I am using a commercial 30lb machine by MachineX. They sell them for equine laundry needs. I’ve gotten some feedback from other blanket washing companies saying that the powerwashing is probably separating the material, that the Nikwax product is adhering to the blanket and causing these chaulky stains, and even that my hand scrubbing is the reason why. I noticed on one of the blankets there were a ton of scratch marks prior to cleaning, however, they were not White chalky scratch marks.
My problem is that I am having severe anxiety about people complaining about it. I mean I would too! I am really worried that something is wrong with the waterproofing also. I looked into what delaminating means or looks like and really couldn’t find anything. I’m wondering if it’s possibly doing that then the high spin is sucking it through the material? I don’t know. And, none of the blanket manufacturing companies have any insight on what is going on.