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When it comes to front loaders, all of my evidence is purely anecdotal. I understand the basic design of front loading washing machines, and I’ve had the same front loader with no issues for 10 years. So to say that they “all” are poorly designed… I’m merely suggesting that some manufacturers​ may have gotten it more right than others. Maybe I just have insane luck! I don’t manufacture washing machines, so I don’t know. I have not performed any sort of peer-reviewed study, so again, I don’t know. I also don’t know why it matters, since the OP never asked for opinions about washing machine obsolescence. This is why I rarely contribute on forums like this: too often, someone offers an opinion​ and other responders misunderstand, take things personally, or worse, assume the poster to whom they are responding is an idiot (which I am not).
I wish the OP luck finding a process for washing horse blankets that works!

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