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When I bought my large capacity front loader, I specifically told the store employee that I was buying a machine to wash horse blankets and asked if the machine I was looking at was suitable for this purpose. I was told it was. Since it was a pricey washer, which I was able to purchase only because it was on sale, I tried to ask all the right questions. But I did not ask one critical question – – life expectancy. So I was quite shocked to be told by the repairman that while the machine could be repaired, it would cost almost as much as what I had paid for it. And the same thing would happen in 6 – 8 years. The OP did not say in her original post what type of washer she was using. I mentioned the short life span of these machines so that anyone reading this thread would have information I did not have when I bought my large capacity front loader and make the same mistake I did. My intent was to get info into the hands of people who might need it, not to treat any body like they were stupid, as I had been when I bought the large capacity front loader without asking every critical question.

The only one who was stupid was me, first for not asking the right question, and then again for thinking this was important info for anyone looking to buy a washer that could handle horse blankets. Luckily, I am comfortable being stupid if my mistake can save somebody else from making the same expensive mistake I did.