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Joan Fry
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A few more thoughts. Most Western saddles are too heavy for me to pick up, let along sling over my horse’s back. Some people like synthetic Western saddles. I’m not one of them. I especially dislike the rubber girths, although if somebody will tell me why they’ve become so popular I might change my mind. They get the horse’s belly soapy wet. If you’re thinking about buying used tack, your biggest concern will be whether the tree is sound, or has it been broken.

Here’s where the riding instructor comes in. She’ll probably know enough to be able to test the saddle to see if the tree is intact. If the tree is broken, your horse will let you know about it. Don’t put him through that. A riding instructor can also show you how to do a single-rein stop. It’s not hard. As Clinton Anderson (and others) have pointed out, they’re an effective way of stopping a bolting horse, or one that bucks or otherwise tries to tell you how unhappy he is. Hope this helps!