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Dano: Mirage is a 9 year old Miniature Horse gelding. It took him about 5 or 6 sessions to understand and lay down on cue.

I didn’t really “learn” how to do it from anyone. I just improvised.

I used Mirage’s inclination to roll after his blanket was taken off. I would follow him around after I took his blanket off and as soon as he dropped to roll I would zoom in with a cookie. The first two days he immediately stood up but I rewarded him anyway. I would reward him every time he laid down to roll.

After he got used to me being near him when he was laying down I started saying my verbal cue [“lay down”] as he was collecting himself to drop. By the third day he stayed down on the ground long enough to receive his reward and I fed him continuously for the entire time he stayed down and called it a day.

I continued to reward him every time he laid down when I asked; the longer he stayed on the ground, the bigger the reward.

In case you’re curious, here is a link to a short tutorial I did on it (I’ve been asked about this quite a bit)

https: //

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