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I’ve had Nettan a couple of years. She’s an old breeding mare… but looks quite youthful and in great condition. My husband says I feed the horses better than him. But joking aside, I’ve spent time and money finding the right balance of food for both of them. We’ve just moved to a new stables at the weekend and it’s working perfectly for Nettan. She made a friend straightaway and they go everywhere together. Ricko on the otherhand is quite stressed. He has a lot of arabian in him. The second night he started doing piaff in his box. I’ve never known a horse do that but that’s how he reacts to stress. They have chickens next to the new stable and when they looked around the main door he started again with his stepping on the spot. Hoping he settles down soon. There’s 11 horses standing there and when they are in their boxes they can see quite a few of them. Nettan made me laugh the first night. She was shouting and Ricko thought it was for him but she looking right past him… she was shouting for her new friend that she couldn’t see from her box.