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I have a horse couple that couldn’t stand to be apart.. So much so that my gelding took to leaping the fence. I understand your frustration!

My situation is a little different than yours, as my two lovebirds tend to be more on the relaxed side generally (except when you separated them from eachother!) I solved the issue by leaving buddy-sour-horse-#1 in the pasture/corral, and then leading buddy-sour-horse-#2 away, like 5 feet, then back to the gate. We did this about 15 times, going further out each time, and varying the amount of time we spent at the “far” end of our lap. Before long, both horses quit their whinnying and were more content to graze than pace, run, and jump about nervously for each other. It takes time, but any effective training mechanism takes time. This is a John Lyons tactic and its common-sense approach has worked very well for us! Best of luck to you.

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