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Choosing a horse is a commitment as important (maybe even more so) as choosing a spouse. Don’t buy a horse just to have one – when you find THE horse, you will know. What is your discipline? There is a lot more to being owned by a horse than just riding, and as your skill set increases, a horse that would suit you now may not be able to do things you will want to do later. Even if you board at a truly great place, there will be a lot to learn about taking care of your horse, how to recognize potential health issues, what to feed and why (you should know this even if you are not feeding yourself), how to groom, hoof care, ground manners, and on and on for infinity.

It can be the greatest pleasure you will ever know, or it could become a nightmare. Take your time, ride a lot of different horses, and welcome to the wonderful world of being loved forever by the horse that is perfect for you.

It is never the horse's fault