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A magic remedy for my horse…and should be for all horses…aloe Vera juice, pumpkin seeds, and oat flour or bran. This combination protects stomach and hind gut.
The aloe Vera is a mucopolysaccharide with many healing/soothing properties, pumpkin seeds supply magnesium for calming and convert to nitric oxide for further healing benefits and whole grain oat flour or oat bran has beta glycan for coating and healing.
The key is getting the right types of products. The aloe Vera juice must be whole leaf filtered (I buy PharmAloe brand) about $25-30 gallon). If it’s cheap it’s not the right juice, pumpkin seeds are raw and out of the shell, oat flour is pure like Bobs Redmill brand. Just read label that not mixed with starches or fillers. Oat bran is even better but again check label.
Give 1/4 cup juice with, 1/4 cup seeds, and two tablespoons oat flour or bran. I give once a day. If ulcers present can give twice. Because it’s a food product you can give higher amounts. But this is what I do for daily maintenance. Read more online about it.
I used it when he had an ulcer and now use it daily for maintenance. It’s inexpensive and all natural and, unlike omeprazole, it doesn’t mess up gut flora.
Keeps him happy and level headed! This combination was a life saver in so many ways.