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Precious thing indeed! She is lovely, you are blessed : )

First, my profound sympathies to you Mapale. Heartfelt. As we walked in the door from Alaska, Bitz’ absence was significantly refreshed.

Alaska. I filled two 16GB cards entirely with pics in the ten days we were there. EVERYbody did. The reason being that, no matter what lens, what skill, what eye, what camera, what view: nothing but the naked eye can capture the ancientness, the bona fide wilderness, the absolute magnificence. This ain’t no Sea World, Nat Geo or Discovery Channel, I saw the real thing. such a minute part of it. and am changed. I will leave you with only a couple pics… just because : )

Shocka is home. Loaded like a pro, slept all the way home, cool as cuke all four legs. He and Pheets are going to be fine, Pheets still all up in his grille so to speak but in a huge social way. Shocks is casual, gets it. He likes and understands Mumma already, Abbs thinks he is divine. Gmare just waiting to have her say, and Taj will get around to him the next time he lands long enough to get a word in between Shocka and Pheets. Pheets thinks he owns the new boy. Taj isn’t allowed eye contact yet. Characters.

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