Reply To: Weirdest Thing that Spooked Your Horse?

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A jogger. Wearing nothing but a black and white speedo and black tennis shoes. My gelding (whom I was riding) (now age 28) decided he needed to leave for the next county, so he spun and left. Unfortunately, I didn’t spin with him and I landed on the ground. My mare (now age 21), whom I was leading, decided that it was safer to leave with my gelding. Wise horses to leave. The jogger ignored the fact that I was in a fetal position on the pavement. He only asked where a good place for him to jog next was. When I didn’t answer, he then looked at me and asked “Do you think that trail over there would be a good run?” Wise horses to leave. Though I always wear a helmet, I ended up with a concussion and vertigo, a long walk home, and gravel in the seat of my pants (not sure how that got there!). That was some years ago. I learned to very much pay attention to my horse’s attention and their ears and their body language. I had Sudden Hearing Loss in one ear a couple years ago and therefore cannot determine where sounds comes from. So I depend on them and my dog to keep me looking around. We watch out for joggers in black and white speedos. Before I bought my gelding over 23 years ago he was spooked by everything. Including someone dumping a buck of water out a window, a can of pop dropping in a pop machine, or a door closing. Now-a-days, I trust both horses with my life…we ride five days a week. They’ve done dressage, trail riding, and driving. So grateful they take care of me, and I’m so grateful for every day I get to be with them. Everyone…do watch out a jogger in a black and white speedo. He may be around the next corner. Ha!