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Wow – just – Wow!! Eagles and gorgeous sunsets – how can that not change you? So glad you had a great time, and yes the coming home is the worst for the spirit mourns that face absent to greet you. Best to put your focus on Shocka where good can be accomplished – and it sounds like he’s been a champ and is so worthy of your affection!!

Rosy is an apricot English mastiff – her name is descriptive of looks as well as her unbridled joy at life. She can get a giggle out of me no matter what, sort of like Joe-Joe. Mastiffs grow so quickly it’s almost visible, and now she has discovered that her paws can reach the new kitchen counter, if she streeeetches. She isn’t all that coordinated, and that’s the only thing that keeps her from getting up into my lap unbidden, she anticipates too early, jumps, and then slams into the side of the couch. If there is an offending item on her tail, she chases it first sitting down, but if reaching it cannot be accomplished, she is willing to stand up then run in circles until that tail slows down. When I reach over and remove the offending ant, I am rewarded with one of those smiles of adoration that only a puppy can give, with gratitude that is sure to last at least until she can reach her own tail.

A dear friend gave me a tea light in remembrance of Shiloh – light is such a great symbol for what she brought to my life. The kindness of friends is how we bear the toughest separations.

Now that pheety has Shocka, and the summer just around the corner, he’ll have some things to perk up about! Keep us posted.

J-J – have you been out on trails with Selena?

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