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Mapale – no, haven’t gotten on the trail yet, because I don’t want to go alone, and it is difficult to find someone to go with me. However, she now waits for me at the gate, or comes when she is called if she isn’t already there. She is also the kind of horse who will stand wherever you put her until she is led elsewhere (an improvement in some ways over a horse who always has his head in the garbage cans). I can groom her, flyspray and pick hooves without putting a halter on her, even when she is loose in the round pen or ring. She has such a different personality, that for a long time I thought she had none at all. She is a lot more relaxed, so long as there are no peafowl in her path (hates them, doesn’t mind the chickens or guinea fowl). However, she is FAST! When she knows it is okay to take off, it is as if she is leaving the starting gate. I don’t like fast so much, but she is now responding better to the new bit and to voice commands, isn’t shying at small bouncy people and generally is going to be very comfortable to wander around the trails. She is so round, that riding her bareback is more comfortable for me than using a saddle. Still needs to have horses in view while in the barn, but that is less of an issue than it was. Planning this weekend to teach her to be ridden in a halter back to her field, so I don’t have to do quite so much walking. The first time I got on Joe Joe bareback, he froze in place and turned his head to see where the rest of his clothes were. Then he tiptoed around the ring very, very carefully. Now, he just meanders back to his field, stopping here and there for a mouthful of the greener grass that is on the outside of the fence (it’s always greener there). Very restful, but still not a horse on whom I could take a short nap.

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