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Sounds like she is taking a moment to adjust to new surroundings, and that it’s going well. I expect many of her insecurities will disappear in the next six months as she gains trust in you. Since Mischief acquired his ‘chicken’ he is noticeably calmer when we ride past crowing chicken farms – a place he normally associated with impending doom. “Eh – I hear that all the time’ kind of thing these days… He acts like everyone should have a chicken, just not HIS chicken. Mr. Plucky for his part is now more horse than rooster. I’ve noticed that he only crows to let the horses know where he is, or to call them in to supper. He’s not sure about Rosy, and takes homicidal-tempting forays into the yard to check her out. And Rosy is pretty sure she is a lion instead of a dog as she drops her head below her shoulders and creeps ever nearer. Our soap opera would be called “Only One Life To Lose”.

Alois Podhajsky: “When I hear somebody talk about a horse being stupid, I figure it’s a sure sign that animal has outfoxed them. ...