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He is doing wonderful Pheets! Thanks for asking! And yes, I am back to riding and driving now. Fortunately the problem that was causing my symptoms (weakness, loss of balance, falling, and stopping speaking mid-sentence and losing the thought) ended up being caused by severe vitamin deficiencies! Completely fixable, but I wasn’t able to ride until I had an MRI to rule out any serious brain issues (don’t want to fall off a green-broke quarter horse).

As it turns out, Mirage is a very fast learner when it comes to doing tricks. He’s a master at laying down now, and a few weeks ago I started teaching him to rear up on command. After only 8 lessons he is doing a nice balanced rear as soon as I ask for it. Even though this is a very exciting trick for him, he is a gentleman about it and even when he offers it at the wrong time (he likes to anticipate what I’m going to ask him before I ask for it! lol) it is an honest misunderstanding on his part. Not aggressive or trying to “escape” from pressure or anything.

And it’s FINALLY warming up here in Illinois. He’s beginning to get his summer coat. You can see the pretty gold brown showing through his grayish winter coat! 😀