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Yea, I do realize that, and I can’t help it. I’m actually much better than I used to be about it. The baby advice I meant was “Oh, give her carrots and cooks until she loves you.” Kind of junk.

She was a little abused before I got her. The people that had her before would lunge the horses at less than a 20m circle at a full out gallop to “teach the horse a lesson”. It’s horrible. So she kicks and runs at a gallop. When I first got her, she was really skinny and I could hold her, but she is stronger than me now. And really terrifying.
We think the sound of the clip is triggering a memory.

Dressage is a dance, where horse and rider speak with silence, Where force is not necessary, and where the horse trusts his rider completely, even in the middle of the battlefield.
-Amber Blyledge, 2016