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She can do turning on the forehand and hind end pretty good, some of her bloodlines are cutting horses. I have also been working on ground work and manners. She loves me more now! 🙂 And is learning to respect me.
She lunges ok if I get to s certon point, and it really helps her stretch her back and become on the bit. Which she was afraid of before. But until then, she goes nuts.

Also, she’s really boney in her back and she might very well freak at my legs if I do bareback. Really sensitive.
I might try some calming mare stuff.

Also, she is off for a QH, she has a lot of thoroughbred in her and that makes her extra hot. She’s about a 3 or 4 on a calm day, and I rode her at a state horse show at a 9 or 10. That was very uncomfortable. She was in full blown heat and absolutely insane, and she nearly ran over the judge. I’m lucky that I didn’t get disqualified, but I got a 14 out of around 30.

She’s also not afraid of the whip. I’ve done desentsization to a lot of things. The barn banging, bags, the whip, scary buckets, the post at the end of the field, and today she freaked at a brush. Which we had to work with. String, oh my goodness the stirrup straps touching her.
A lot of stuff.

I’m rambling.

Dressage is a dance, where horse and rider speak with silence, Where force is not necessary, and where the horse trusts his rider completely, even in the middle of the battlefield.
-Amber Blyledge, 2016