Reply To: Weirdest Thing that Spooked Your Horse?

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I thought of two times my mare spooked. One was for a cougar jumping down out of a tree next to us. She spun to see what it was. I didn’t spin with her and ended up in the dirt. As soon as she identified what it was – just a cougar – she didn’t care. She did look down at me and told me to get up…it seems she was embarrassed that I hadn’t stayed on her. Sigh. The other time she spooked…during a 6.8 earthquake in 2001. I’m sure she set a speed record. We circled the arena twice before I made an unscheduled dismount. She had tucked up and the girth became a bit loose. Centrifugal force, gravity, beginner riding skills…call it what you want…I came off, and she made another round before stopping. Of course my instructor had me get back on. Of course he then put up rules on what to do during an earthquake. 1. Get off the horse. Hmm. I did that!