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Hey NinaJD! I used to use Simplifly, but one year I had a bad batch (at those prices!) and had an epidemic. This forced me to consider Arbico’s fly predators to keep the population down. You can’t do both because the feed-through will kill the predators.

Once per month I receive the predators in the mail and disperse them at dusk after they hatch. I have only had one failure with the predators in the last several years, and that was because I put them out before several days of heavy rain and they drowned, and the wet conditions made it perfect fly-breeding weather. I order a year’s supply late in fall or in early spring to take advantage of the specials, and am billed when they ship them each month.

Predators do not keep down populations of other insects so you still have to contend with no-see’ems, gnats, and bees, but I’ve had great success with them re flies.

Additionally I find that alternating fly sprays will improve their effectiveness because flies have such short life-spans it doesn’t take long for them to build local resistances. I vary between several products, but with the predators I don’t need to use nearly as much pesticide. So far this year we’re not seeing many. I’m still working on my first quart of Tri-tech. I also like Endure and Pyrahna, and will switch to one of them when the Tritech is gone.

Third in my arsenal is Mr. Plucky the rooster who adopted us (oh the joys of country living). He just appeared one day, our official mascot and bug-eater. I don’t know that he does all that much fly elimination, but don’t tell him, it will just hurt his feelings. Who knows he might just be the one making the difference this year.

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