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Don’t buy a horse unless you have the commitment to properly keep him. That’s not just finances, that’s TIME, too. Horses aren’t a hobby, you can’t prop them up in the corner like a tennis racquet, or shut them down like a computer. They are 24/7 just like you, and they continue having experiences with or without you. Even if you board, you are the person responsible for the safety, health, emotional well-being, and condition of your horse.

That said, leasing is a great option if you are just starting out and want to see if horses are right for you. Look for a horse who has a lot of experience/training in the discipline in which you are interested. A good horse is a great teacher, and it will likely cost more, but be worth the extra cash in how quickly you can learn. A good horse is a must. Don’t ride trails with an untrained race horse, don’t try to do eventing with a short gaited horse, don’t try endurance with a thoroughbred, don’t do reining with a draft horse. Horses are bred and trained with purpose, pick a healthy one that suits yours. Do your homework and ride a few before you decide.

If you are a person who gets attached to your animals, you might want to lease one that has an option to buy. Just like anything worthwhile in life, it takes hard work and research. And if you get that right horse, it will take all your self-discipline to live up to being the person your horse thinks you are.

Best wishes on your search – post a photo if you get one!

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