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I like fly sheets. However, there are only 2 types of Turnout fly sheets that are actually able to stand up to T/O conditions: The Textiline mesh material (Schneiders calls it Dura Mesh or something like that but it is Textiline) and the white jersey material used by State Line,Schneiders & a few others. None of the rest hold up. Also, be careful when buying online when you can’t see what you are buying, & have to rely on a tiny photo and the ad blurb. A lot of what is labeled “fly sheets” are what most of us call “scrim sheets”; a lighter weight version of a T/O flysheet that will work great to keep flies off your horse when tied to a trailer at a show, but will not hold up as a T/O. But you can keep the scrim sheets for shows when you want something that doesn’t look like it was pulled out of the rag bag or for putting on the horse in a stall after a bath, as T/O flysheet do take a beating.