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I, too, am lucky in that my kids are not fussy with their clothes. Big Mare is not a fan but will not destroy, either. And yes, absolutely climate and immediate environmental conditions will dictate the need or not and if a sheet/blanket/mask IS needed, the varieties of such are readily available. I do accommodate my horses, THEIR choice whether they will wear a fly mask or whatever, or NOT. I figure if they put up that much of a fuss about their clothes, being naked and exposed is evidently less of a bother for them. So be it. It is THEIR comfort. My responsibility demands that I offer choices, not necessarily or always force the issue. generally speaking.

I am in south central New England (MA) with diverse temps, humidity and weather events. We even get tornadoes now, and while they are nowhere near as widely damaging as within the tornado belt( GOD bless anyone that IS living there)….yet…. the concern and anticipation are palpable.

Because this is a flysheet/insect management thread, I will happily disclose (and not deviate: ) that Shocka is currently donning the Dura-mesh (nights are still cool..40’s), WITH hood, and a fly mask nearly saturated with Repelex : ) We will see how he fares during the day while out with the herd (they manage each other while standing under each other’s tails and manes).. He does NOT suffer the bugs well at all.

I DO appreciate that this forum is more often informative and essentially factual in the experiences and results of various products. We all have horses, or at least access or obligation to, and have had diverse experiences from which I personally (as well as my horses!) have benefited, thank you : ).

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