Reply To: A Green Horse for a Beginner Horse Person?

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Simple answer is NO. Even with a trainer in place etc.

We sold a horse to a first time horse owner with full time trainer. She had years of training and the horse had about a year of consistent training. Within six months it had become a disaster. Ultimately we bought him back, after she gave up after three years. By then the horse was on daily meds for supposed neurological problems. No such problems but a great way to sedate the horse. I spent five years trying to get the horse back.

The first six – eight months the horse is adjusting to a new home & owner. A lot can go wrong. No one knows everything no matter the amount of Internet studying & book reading.

Horses can be very dangerous. Size alone now add they’re a prey, so flight, animal. When they get scared things go wrong fast & it can be extremely bad.

Do yourself a favor – get a horse that’s got some training in it. Better safe than sorry. People die around horses all the time due to lack of understanding of them – no reading on the planet will help in stress situations.

I would never recommend a Green Horse to a beginner. Take lessons with a trainer and get a solid trained horse as your first horse if you value your life.