Reply To: A Green Horse for a Beginner Horse Person?

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I am what you might call an ‘advanced beginner’. I say this – and I’ve had years of training. My husband and I each bought a horse a couple of years ago. He bought an experienced 12 year old; I bought a green 4 year old. Both were situations where the horses needed a good home more than we were actually looking to buy. That said, and, it is from my own experience only – I would never ever tell a green rider to buy a green horse. There are many reasons – but, the two biggest are: 1. danger to the inexperienced horseperson and 2. you are doing a harmful thing to the horse by teaching it incorrectly.

My green horse and I are managing, but at great cost to both our learning process and endangering both of us multiple times. Please please please get an experienced trainer to help you, no matter what you do. Only on-the-ground knowledge and experience help – you don’t know what you don’t know until it is too late.