Reply To: How do you keep your horses coat shiny?

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I’m another to recommend daily grooming if it’s sleek and shiny you’re after. Hand rubbing and old-fashioned “strapping” are great, too, and certain supplements will help (the traditional being boiled linseed!) Given that it’s a white horse–be careful about *too much* washing/shampooing, which will dry out the natural oils in the coat and make it dull–spot-wash only other than right before show day. On the places that are most likely to stain yellow (hocks, knees, gaskins, you know where!) apply a little coat polish (like Show-Sheen) to repel the stain. A little bluing does help (look in a good laundry aisle, or check at <; either to buy or to locate a store that carries it. A little liquid shoe milk (the kind for baby shoes and nurse’s shoes) rubbed into the damp hair on a stubborn stain will also help to hide it–smooth the hair, let it dry, and brush lightly. Doesn’t come off on a judge’s hands like powder.