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Yes-what Joe Joe said: OTTB’s should have months to rest & just learn about being a horse prior to re-training. Really. I know that is probably not want you want to hear, especially with summer-but, if he were mine, I would not jump him until this fall or even next spring. But, some would consider me overly conservative. When I bought my OTTB mare, she had been off the track for a year & had a swollen tendon sheath (L hind) at her pre-purchase. She jogged & felt sound, but the vet recommended not buying-I did anyways. I used Smart TLC, took things very slowly with her, & have not had a problem with that leg. (have had her 8 years now.) I didn’t even canter her for the 1st 4-5 months, didn’t jump her for over a year. But that is just me. Have fun getting to know him-they are so smart & willing to work for you!