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My girth is not very elastic. Haven’t seen a dressage girth with elastic, and I do not attach the girth at all until after I have put on the pad and saddle. It is not slipping in such a way or so much that it is unsafe to ride, but cannot possibly be comfortable for him when it slides backwards. Maybe a breastplate? It is not so loose that it would slip sideways due to my weight. Dressage things are not only excessively expensive, they are a foreign language! So is that saddle pad you suggested! When one thing costs so much more than I paid for the horse, it is difficult to justify on the chance that it might help.

I do not at all recommend that anyone get a horse that is smarter than the owner. Even a really cute horse with tons of personality. Trying to outwit him gets harder every day.

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It is never the horse's fault