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One of the major & critical differences between hauling a horse trailer with horses in it and hauling a boat is that the horse trailer is carrying live horses that are going to do a certain amount of moving around in the trailer. A boat does not have a mind of its own, and isn’t going to get restless or bored and starting shifting his/her weight while going down the expressway at 60 mph. That is an absolutely critical difference. Also, is your Jeep set up with a “towing package”. I’m not a car/truck person, but there are extras than can be added (or installed at the factory if you are buying a new vehicle) that will make the vehicle better suited to towing a horse trailer. Off hand the only one I can think of is something to do with the transmission, sorry, I am so NOT a car techie person, but I have good advisers, who have taught me that pulling a horse trailer can be hard on the transmission unless the correct towing package (which usually includes more than just the transmission stuff) has been installed or added. Either the trailer mfgs or the car mfgs will know what I am concerned about, I just don’t know the proper technical terms.