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G&S – in addition to the transmission, there are other “things” (I’m not a car person either), including the hitch class, which is very important. I knew someone who thought she could haul her horse with An Explorer that had a Class 1 hitch. She could not (didn’t believe me, had to find out the hard way). Thankfully, the horse was not harmed. Just having a truck or SUV does not mean one can transport horses. Boats, as you say, perhaps, but even with boats one has to consider the power of the tow vehicle in correlation to the size of the boat. For myself, I would not do it in anything less than a full size pickup or SUV with a factory installed tow package and a big engine (not a six cylinder). I have an F-150, towing package and Class 3 hitch – never had a problem. My farm owner uses a gooseneck, which I find to be a lot more stable and much easier on the horse. For those who are willing to try going in reverse, they are also easier to maneuver. I only go frontwards.

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