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I recently bought a used truck that has a V8 and a tow capacity of over 10,000 lbs…if I had to guess I’d say [conservatively] 12,000 lbs. I don’t know the exact number because the truck has a few upgrades that I have to take into account. I personally would never tow more than 8000lbs with it. (I’ve towed approx. 7000lbs before, and you can definitely feel the truck working.) Why? Well, I could write the world’s longest post, but here are some articles that do a decent job of covering your concerns:
They address the hitch class and transmission issue to which Joe-joe and G&S were referring, but most importantly, they explain where Jeep got the 5000 lb number for your vehicle and how you can calculate your REAL tow capacity. (Spoiler alert: It’s much less than 5000 lbs.)
Honestly, I wouldn’t tow with your vehicle at all if I could avoid it. If I absolutely had to, I wouldn’t exceed 3000 lbs (trailer and horse combined), and I would not do it regularly.

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