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I agree. At first my dad suggested I spend $500-600 on my tow package and get a 2 horse trailer to see how I liked it for a while but I mentioned that I am putting mine and my horse’s safety in danger by just “trying” it out.

I will end up saving a lot of money. Right now I am commuting one hour (2 total) to get to my barn I board at and I make it out 1-3 days a week. My board is stupidly expensive and I have to pay for full time training because I am so limited on getting out there. I found a private breeding facility 10 minutes from my house that the owners said I could board her there. The board rate is half the cost of what I am paying now, plus I’d save on full time training when I haul in for individual lessons once a week.

I’m sure the hit on selling your 2014 Jeep will hurt, but you could look at it as saving the money & grief you could have if you tried to pull a horse trailer with the Jeep, and the car and/or trailer ended up damaged, plus the horse and/or you ended up injured. When I am trying to make a difficult decision, I try to look at the worst case scenario of both or all options, and figure out which I could least live with and which I could most easily live with. That can make decision clearer. Although it sounds like you may have already done that. One of the problems with pulling a horse trailer is that anything that can safely & comfortably for both car driver and horse(s), is going to have lousy gas milage. One possible solution is to have a small car with exceptional milage for every day driving and a sufficiently powerful truck to pull the trailer. Two cars to insure, but the truck will last longer if not used for everyday driving. Not a solution for everybody, but something to consider.