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It was too wet to canter, but she has 3 good trots (slow, working and extended) and a nice walk. She is roughly the same size as Joe Joe – 14.3 to 15. There are subtle differences (well, gender is obvious) because she is Egyptian and he is Polish.

I mostly use treats as a training reward or after we have finished doing something. With the field, he gets a treat after he has come to the gate, put his halter on, come out, and stand while I close it. Going back, he gets a treat after he goes in, turns, takes his halter off and allows me to leave and close the gate. I once knew a broodmare who needed to have the lead wrapped around the post so she did not drag whoever was turning her out to Arizona, and I prefer good manners at gates. It shouldn’t really be a problem since they will be in separate fields. Joe Joe has been with two other horses with whom he would share, but the two in there now are NOT his friends! They have learned to just keep their distance. This does have a good side, as I don’t need to worry about one of them trying to get out the gate with us.

Our trails are too narrow and twisty for anything other than a walk, which is why I dislike the sideways trot/canter thing. My knees aren’t great already, and I don’t want them worse.

I don’t often longe, because he either just goes around as if it is no big deal or keeps turning and facing me so I can’t get behind his shoulder. Depends on how stupid he thinks it is. Last time I took him out in long lines, he decided he could only go in reverse. I got so mad that I led him to the farthest end of the ring, turned him toward the gate and told him that if he wanted to get out he was going to have to go frontwards. Spoiled little brat. And I do know it’s my fault.

Her name is LR Selena, and she is on if you want to look at her pedigree. I tried, but it was Arabic to me. Her dam was from Sapphire Arabians.

Just stepping in to say hello! Selena should be a great mare for you. Sapphire Farms horses are heavily blended into my breeding program; I stand my partner’s stallion Obsidian Dream S here, He is out of a full sister to Selena, so…a nephew to your mare. He is a BIG boy with a great mind and tons of type. 🙂