Reply To: Help! Horse won't keep fly mask on.

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Hey! I have the exact same problem with my paint gelding! He is fine with a regular mask but when the one with the nose comes out, he ditches it in no time and his nose gets horribly sunburned as well. No advice on how to keep the mask on….still working on that myself but I put baby diaper cream with the zinc oxide in it on his nose twice a day and it makes a huge difference!! He comes in looking much better. I also mix it with Neautrogena’s 100spf face sunscreen but the diaper cream works miracles. Sunscreen alone isn’t thick enough to stay in and sink in and do its job. Just generic desitin with plenty of zinc oxide. Personally I use Kerger’s store brand and LOVE it! Less than $3.00 a tube and lasts a long time. Be sure to apply generously. They try to wipe it off as soon as they’re out so I put it on before I groom so it has the most time to sink in 🙂 Hope this helps!