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Always better to have “too much” tow vehicle than what you are hauling. If you don’t have an SUV yet (sounds like you don’t) – you might be better off considering at least a 150/1500 full size truck. Trucks are meant to haul things and most (not all) have the features you need to haul safely. With a truck you could get a gooseneck trailer in the future if you wanted to as well. 150/1500 trucks aren’t so big as to be a pain to drive as ‘grocery-getters’ – haha.
If an SUV it must be – then make SURE it has a transmission cooler and put a brake box in too (even if you tow with a truck – gotta have those two things).
Drives me nuts when people don’t put a brake box in – that’s a LOT of extra work and stopping distance to rely on your truck brakes alone to stop the truck and trailer.
A good brake box is probably about $250 installed I think…been years since I had mine put in.
I had a friend blow a transmission on a Tahoe type SUV and she was only hauling a two horse BP trailer. So – a tranny cooler is a must – on a truck or SUV.
Someone mentioned problems with sway – I think the Draw-Tite hitches help prevent that and can be installed on many vehicles.
I have a CM Dakota two horse slant load BP that my horse and I like.
I prefer a slant load to straight load and think my horse does too. I am not a fan of ramps – but they are not a deal breaker to me. Horses get used to them.
I pull my trailer with an F250 diesel.
LOVE my truck! Though it is big and not always practical.

In the end – bigger vehicle is better – and remember – just because the vehicle manufacturer says it will haul “x” pounds doesn’t mean you should max it out.
Plus – the max weight your truck/suv can tow – you also are supposed to count the weight of passengers, cargo, and FUEL (which is heavy) – not “just” your trailer and horse. So – check that info out carefully when shopping so you make a good, educated decision that you’ll be happy with for years.
Keep us posted!