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From an investment standpoint keep saving up and avoid taking out a loan to purchase a trailer. It helps prevent impulse buying because throughout your search you have to decide whether to keep saving or make the purchase.

There are a lot of new trailer designs coming out that can transition from a slant to a straight load. I like straight loads when towing with an SUV, but slant loads help keep the horse stable if you ever had to slam on the brakes.

See what your horse likes, and overall make sure it’s in good condition or can easily be fixed. Make sure you study the towing capacity of your SUV and get the right equipment to safely tow (like a brake controller).

(I just bought a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee over a truck. I don’t plan on towing with it but if I ever needed to I could tow a 2 horse BP.)

This is extremely ironic that I wrote the above advice because I am now in a situation where I am trading in my GC for a truck and trailer. I did a lot of research and was considering adding a tow package and brake controller to my GC and look for a Euro trailer (2 horse designed for SUVS, like a BrenderUP). I realized the higher-price of them and they are extremely hard to find. I came to the conclusion that it was best in the long run to trade in my GC for a truck and trailer. I also felt it would be more practical to invest the money I would have used to find a BrenderUp into a truck. I am going to take a huge hit on my Jeep, but mine and my horse’s safety comes first and I am finding it necessary to trailer again.

After much truck shopping, I decided to go for a Toyota Tundra with a 5.7L V8 engine and a tow capacity of 10,300lbs. My sister has one and tows her 3 horse trailer fully loaded without any problems. I have a few other friends that are happy with their Tundras as well. I did a test-drive with her (and her trailer) today in hers and loved it. I originally was looking into Rams (I’m a Chrysler fan), but was disappointed in the 1500’s towing capacity at 8300 (it claims 10,500 but they have been non-existent in my searches). I then tried out a 2500 and felt it was too big of a truck for my needs with a tow capacity of 11,500lbs. I was impressed by the maneuverability of the Tundra, the price, the interior, and knowing my sister has no issues with hers. I felt it was the best bet.