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I have towed a trailer with a Jeep Wagoneer (which tells you how long ago it was, as I don’t think they still make that car). I did that for a couple years, then realized it wasn’t working & got a 3/4 ton truck, and I would never seriously consider towing a trailer, especially a WB sized trailer with anything else. Now that cars have been downsized, I have come to accept that anything that can safely & comfortably for drive and horse(s) is simply going to get lousy gas milage, so if you have to do a lot of driving other than pulling the trailer, the only really good selection is 2 good used vehicles, one a truck or a full sized 3/4 ton van (NOT a mini van) to pull the trailer, which can also be used to transport hay, grain, furniture, etc., and a small car with great gas milage. Each will last much longer if used for what it was designed to do, with fewer repair bills, and greater safety. Back when all American cars were huge gas guzzling monsters, you could get away with pulling a horse trailer with a “car”, but those days are long past, particularly if you plan to pull an over-sized trailer. Been there, done that, would never do it again.