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Java – we do some solo classes, and he is fine. He is also fine in group lessons. He is generally not stressed unless there are strange people and strange horses in the ring, and since we don’t do away shows, I’m not sure he’ll get over this. Unfortunately for me, Arabians do think (in a fairly odd way). Last week, for instance, I turned him out in the ring for a half hour and when I called him to come in, he came diagonally down a line and jumped the jump that was in his way rather than go around. He then came to a sliding stop at the gate and complained that it was boring out there. He overflows with personality. My mare (Egyptian Arabian – he is Polish) on the other hand, seems to have the personality of a stone. She enters the ring, does what is asked and doesn’t get silly at all. I never know what she is thinking, but he is extremely expressive about what he does or does not like.

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